Zen practice is nothing at all, only sustained focus and innovation. I won’t do it, nah, domo..

Every worm is this-is-so-cool. / Every sparrow subject to substitution

while every graveyard can’t do anything but starve. I’m

every woman I can’t stop thinking of.
We were wondering about the petty invention of planets, sympathizing
With a numbers guy who is also the director.
Often there’s a husky and determinative tenor to sing that section.
Swimming to there if you think about it uproots our sun’s bright series — a disbursement of planets that seem exalted and then stiffened into tantalizing cosmic parody..
Your friend is smoking
wearing a scent of rosemary.

Meaning is garbled when it’s least derivative.

I feel pretty itches.


Not dying is not not wanting to die, a unique semantic potential assigned an inventory.

There’s señor that needs you. He has no interest in poetry... I wonder if that’s true — His thoughts knitted together like mica piling up, shouts ricocheting through a voicetrack from the underbrush holding our breath, bounced, kicked and gloved by catalysts.
It’s come to our attention a proposition processes science or it does not.
It was amazing to meet you and your idea.

It was amazing to meet your funky penumbra, to be influenced by street life needlepoint 

and other class resentments. 

I was amazed to communicate with inky musculature evoking nighttime.

Oceans and deserts.

I can’t stop. It’s my job.
Preacher goes on about lassitude — don’t worry about it

It’s probably a head cold.

Unhappiness breeds from abundance. That’s about it.
A common cold means at least a dozen things, socially.
An embedded satire about too much, just too much,

You know what I think?

A physical being hears what he wants, has a fever and takes a lot
Guessing it was a sample.

And service areas are where we drive satire home and choose.
Our superiority is no joke. Correction, our lassitude is.
A monk asks,

This is why I hate you

and keep loving you under wraps?
Take care, and take more time, acts of omission are presorted, so they are numb, so
like fixating on one’s shoes. You can do this, feel free, cadet, don’t expect to fill mine in my avoidance of frontiers, rejecting anarchism.
These were the funniest jokes, the baldest too. I don’t remember laughing so much. Ever. And I can’t recall being as excited as I am now.

Total ThankYou Member.


What parts last? The cucumber ..were I a colorist. A so-called lode of fabulous glossary. Interesting for switching placidities (expedition)!
A mandate is just that.
Why does your one face arrest?
Not dying is not not wanting to die, a unique semantic potential assigned an inventory.

There’s señor that needs you. He has no interest in poetry — I wonder if that’s true — His thoughts knitted together like mica piling up, shouts ricocheting through a voicetrack from the underbrush holding our breath, bounced, kicked and gloved by catalysts.
Sometimes a new mustache color comes up for the right reason. Choppers of gloom, hi! needless to say, we’re grateful for even a near miss equipped with emotionally restorative ideas that pop out of Wallace... O Wallace Stevens!

(A cry for help.) You drain me.
Since there are multiple aims, capital will be redefined.

Not out of calculation, I know the mother ship’s ok.
Or was it just me?
Next, a cool glistening brocade threaded by stone abstractions thru evolutionary trompe l’oeuil —

For that matter the shore looks really smudged —
To a nudist,
It’s contradictory to insist on any spoils from letting ourselves go ... over that money issue. I had a piece in there as well. My prose seemed resonant with your “rainwear fetish,” which I almost forgot I shared. (But not with you.)


In the background: you hear the sizzle to rock climbing in mist, pointing to autosuggestion welling up from your placing bets, since you bring humor to the relationship. The climb is all pantomime about our ties looking wild in the frieze.

(I wagered my face the minute I handed it to you.)
Why do varsity wear outfits that tame their tribute?
This café helps me keep that question from getting lost.

Reminding me of just who was writing.

(I don’t mean that as deeply as I hand this over.)

Finish a stretch, lines get confused. Fuse the way they

Continue. / I did have
A tattoo for a purpose, sure. Promote your event.

Mine or ours?
Who? About why? And what was that about?
Greyhound hurling on seesaw feels fine,
Any footage balances when pushed, so it’s
Not serene. A maelstrom lights
Up the foreground, no questions asked.
Pit Bull sits tangled in tree w/leash & kites.
Corgi spinning in washing machine, a hairy fox.
“You saved my life. I’ll spare yours, for now.”

I trained in your language.

“Are you sure you’re a supreme being?”
Just a tenet of game theory in play may be an insight.
Blindfolded angels of thinking in the past —
All mute waved back

Protecting us from our known predicates,

Taking on more physical pain, taking more onboard, putting them

In mind of us affiliates, at last.


I want to remarry in quick fire in a church in white. Or did I?
Marriage makes me horror-struck
Aghast in wake of our previous melancholy.

We see the Rothko project, no smudging a porch.
I’m scared mounting bait. Good night to switch an accident or two that don’t matter, made tactical as we circumvent a few exchange elements, the stem cells of spatial shop language splitting into chance agency, no vision, no dash, no longer having to know!
I’m a rent boy.
Being a good citizen is self-enslaved labor as you write about it — that’s
My conspicuous, shabby desire : to wipe out what’s fairly obvious..

Self restraint and an occasional intoxicant are my only
Recourse facing ugly style. That’s

how I became bilingual as sugar consumption skyrockets.

I’m full now of feast superstitions
& stratagems continuing the kickass ceremony
motivating the plan.
By salvo — the first three or four minutes of monotone..
You can’t have that in the service requested.
Too much slobber invested at the start, discourse, along with any oomph, runs dry.
No personalities, please, only
writer / editor are left standing in rain assuming sun is shining,
nipping, filing matter, spinning, capturing the dress casual waiting
On that panoptic sentence for the animal that needs you.
We have 9 pm poems and 4 am. Kind of noticed?
I’m keeping cool with it like a Javanese statistician.
When information is relevant to sanctioned policy, communication goes private, all decisions should be centralized within a single metaphor for good caffeine.


The if-movement (aspirations) can be thought
A saga for you (any of us) can pump off & on — so on

-Coming coming clean is another part of closeness.
Later, new police!
[speak of paranoia]
The reader note went, One afternoon while napping one read a confusional book. We are at the dawn of epistemology raising consciousness you can’t get from study alone. Confusion wobbles. It does. It vibrates. But something’s lost.

We’re in no hurry.

Snow and sun? We’re expecting something.

Ice or melt go missing, there’s no good time to get it entirely, which for readers is a tragedy.

We mosey back to right about where we want clarity about motives; the construction seems unpinched, slightly giving, giving over to slow-motions for the moody and unexpected.
A fresh very-little-action video.

Sinister. Why not? The sky’s a hue of golf balls, a state of disgrace.
We’ll wait to be announced, though, I’m dressing down to my car character, elbows up.
Taken this long to read over the televisionary script. It’s only sexual in the least available forms.

We keep the old forms in a shoe box filled with names of toes squeezed under the door, tagged for an obsession with stepping right in.
A poem is..
Does it matter a few minutes ago I learnt to write,
To wander out above your welcome in a retrospective..

Again there’s no title because nowhere
Are my thoughts so hidden in use.

It’s a contraption.
It seemed artificially important.
The screech was spherical.
A seagull.
No one’s in there.


Next, different morning odors, coffee, other pots, taste sets, sweet to complex, some devolving into a brawling randomness.. ..can’t make it out, call it leftovers, a Caramel Apple Ranch Cobbler fabricked in aromas of surfboard .. ..
We come to the marketplace in ease, partial self enhancement.
When we wake up I’ve moved to your city. Ka-cha!
I owe you so far for not murdering me O hand,

I’ll calm down, we’re almost rich and supposed to destroy ideas ..
I have to underestimate furthering research,
Solving the perfection problem, but not remorse.

A friend’s voice stares ahead — if
allowed. Read the inspection. To continue,
there’s asymmetry in her blowing glass. Especially when it rains

glass takes finial shapes leaning to peel off
solving the perfection problem, but not remorse.
Unknown futures present newer phenomena.
They go by new names down the road..
Say you’ll be back, superflexed! soaked in a Mars invasion..!

You never can tell. Your every utterance is on a jet trail,
quelling fear of pain as a decade goes by and still
you are unattainable —
We’re in business —
go online.
(Leave us alone.)


Starts out as an immaterial change
in orientation before we nail it as a book.

We fill letters in reversing dirty words aound closed circles.
It’s data for symbol systems inside sub-alphabets
helping us speak to other books & spreadsheets about sub-content
& meta summaries in even newer physics w/ fresher markings.

A steel door stays open. Here are the last letters of bliss.
We best defer to the sharpest models to differentiate ourselves.
Deep blues, silvers in biological shades to form vowels;

consonants have already taken shape from elder models.

This organizes 5 minutes infinitely without saying bless your heart.
In sum:
Inverses concern writing and writing-2 who meet up in a fixed action pattern within rational yet imprecise kairos, recycling once or twice.

There are episode interiors silhouetted in unanalytical projections, translucence made to seem of glass screening the ‘official’ episode. However we’re past the middle and nearing the end of outlines; there’s a Majesty and double interiors where writing adjusts to incidents of long division, complex facticity that writing-2 tears open and begins to pick at to pay writing off in disappointment, near failure — both writing and writing-2 climbing uphill and sliding back down just before turning 17, biting down, gritting their teeth, growing up.
The longer I live it’s in front of me.

There’s a glow in seconds before the scheduled avalanche, fun ..and explosive. Wow.

Or much like staying right in no now.

A chosen toothbrush has been abandoned. I’m forgetting about it.
I’ll be heading out soon. Moving thru a lefty runoff. I won’t be funny or make a stab, relax or specify...

I’m lost in the new geography.. Again.
Light can be thin, therewith discourse.

I chewed my paw / off.

Terse is
What it (light in volume) is —

Midwinter light (March) in Maine gives me pause.
The sentence, the Celtics lost squawking about losing
Some parts : diagrams the opportunity.

Down east weather was freezing our hands into claws, which is

Why we reserve dopey dissonance

Nested within key notes to the A frame to determine

The performance.

Speaking as if...
Just push the button.
Lament due to Quicken divorce feels precollege. Modalities.

Chafed lips, with you or not, one emphasis is how
your modalities give me the butterflies and more butterflies chasing more — as 10 to the 10th more prefer polygamists barnstorming thru
the ad hoc hemisphere.


One of the donor’s places resembles a Marine outpost with sweeps of property edging the subdued enclave.

Of all the varied and fabulous pieces by new pianists I wager they are bursting with personae — because of what they rock to, also because many exuding confidence have gotten past graduate school, the corporation, a breakthru investment in the company.
Technology’s refined flux appears noncontroversial.
At sundown my leftist French brain speaks thru a balloon:
“If you’re anamorphic, the flux within measures of comprehension 2 often adopts overheated lingo or low-2-overheated if you like.”

The other 2 poked at the remaining balloons in the embers; not really, they said.

There are statements of facts
And those of law. Their truth

Levels rise or fall depending on
Outer linear order.
Renaissance rules, rulers who could expunged a soba color.. 

Something to realize our view

As something else frolicked up — inside 

(a feeling of power like in Roman hands): A ball of a bird, maybe a butterfly
Yeah, what do we care?

All we expect is an elegantly accessible chronicle of interdisciplinary montage
Along with financial services.

Linear standards

“Hey,” “I say” never go away.
It’s a flotilla. (Fair enough..)
His followers could care less.

You can’t catch me is great again.
Multidimensional chess has a new value.
Guess what? This early in the day love / hate lines out. His critics swing at softballs
vibrating w/ a head cold, floating in 4 dimensional moats..

It’s a flotilla.
Witch: Pass the white I think they’re gloves.
In further directions your understanding registered.

Off the rack, but great

— a good to a very good reply

inasmuch as speaking about or to you comes across the border over thin light.


Any emphasis prepares the manifold; earlier accounting systems join the 1st probability of having you to touch & subsequently empower mergers ’n exchange. That’s only half the cost of what’s not said.
A true celeb shows us the assassin is uninvolved on every emotional level — even the one one holds oneself and acts on by serving others, one bosses & ‘ritual’ overvalue.
How is that sketchy? To you?
He had bad manners, bringing in sauerkraut that night —
My report to command centers for first price, best.
(Theft is looking better, tight.)

Your face, the trains I ride, it’s all good to Korean girl groups here in the West.

Like you and most of us, with or without us, they flip out
In only a decimal of what they do.
She lost the election. We can’t know what she’s thinking. It’s crazed.

Keep tact abstract.
Keep it to oneself near the seacoast.
Healing a voice split to a pulp, gnawed —
Feeling a salt chill unexpectedly going up the swirling lines
Of humorists, ideologues, ragged modernists, including one.

Holding to their path, rescuing none.

Yours, & ‘even more in mayhem,’
Let’s put this less sophomorically.
Basically existence precedes essence asleep on the leaf. Mostly.
Anyhow, I was a dead man once. It started with a record deal.

Bev, brief them. Here on the mere murmur I clam up.

Can it be “quoted” in any meaningful sense?

When you select a rogue anime you also begin talking to yourself (above); you try walking from a sofa or chair, to a nearby window, to a doorway checking if anyone is coming in..
First question, true or false. Technology keeps humming to Aristotelian extremes? The cigar had its store. It’s a manageable stretch from there to when you left, even while I ruled you out. Out on the sidewalk you hadn’t left a name, either. And yet, I stood close to you, always wrong. To leverage and grow are businessspeak. To get feedback. To understand.